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Value me

In a rural town in the central highlands of Peru, Julián and his wife María live. She assumes a set of tasks every day, which are not recognized as an effort and contribution to her family.

Hurry María!

María is a girl who lives with her mother and two brothers in a rural town in Peru. She goes to school, but she must help in the chores of the house under the permanent threat of mistreatment. In this way their play and learning spaces are limited.

The loneliness of Julio

The violence exerted by Julio towards his wife and children has caused them to leave the home and leave him alone. He must face his guilt and try to understand the situations that have led him to act in this way.


It tells the story of a child who, in the course of becoming a man, goes through different experiences in each stage of his life that define his masculinity. This acquires greater notoriety by assuming his early paternity and facing it supported by the personal and sociocultural tools that he has acquired throughout his life.

WIÑAY leadership and empowerment

Men without violence